Finally master the elusive art of bounce lettering

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Tired of trying over and over again only to have your lettering fall flat?

Learn the tricks and tools to achieve this trendy bounce style!


This course is great whether you are a total newbie or an experienced letterer.


You're a busy person, which is why this course was designed to be a quick study. The information is distilled so you can learn quickly and maximize your time!


All the course materials are on demand, meaning you can take as little or as much time as you want to absorb the material.


Once you buy, you're in for life. Come back as many times as you want to refresh your skills and grab course materials.

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What's in Bounce Lettering Basics?

Enroll in Bounce Lettering Basics and you'll learn:

  • What materials you need for effective bounce lettering
  • One simple secret that will improve your bounce lettering instantly
  • How to achieve balance in your bounce
  • How to add more drama to your bounce
  • PLUS two step-by-step projects you can easily create from start to finish
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Follow along with video lessons

The course is broken up into five easy video lessons that explain the principles behind bounce lettering.

Helpful videos and close-ups of lettering show you these principles in action, leaving you feeling confident and ready to letter!

Practice with Printable Bounce Worksheets

Download five handy worksheets to help you develop your growing bounce lettering prowess.

These worksheets help you cement your understanding of the course lessons and give you room to put your new skills to practice with tricky letter combos and short quotes.

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Letter Along with Course Projects

Put your new skills to the page by lettering along with me to create two easy bounce lettered phrases!

I'll walk you through my process for planning and executing these phrases. Afterward, you'll have a grasp on how to successfully create your own gorgeous lettering pieces from scratch.

Bounce Lettering Basics is perfect if you...

Want to amp up your lettering game

If you feel like your lettering skills have plateaued, then there is no better way to add spunk than with bounce!

Reignite your lettering style with some dramatic bounce lettering and stop letting your projects fall flat.

Want to stand out on social media

It's tough to be seen on social media. If you want your lettering posts to stand out and grab attention, bounce is a great way to do it!

Bounce lettering adds lots of drama and flair, which can catch your viewer's attention amid all the noise.

Want to sell your lettering skills

If you've ever wanted to sell your designs or get hired for lettering jobs, then you need to have bounce lettering in your style repertoire.

Bounce lettering is extremely trendy and in demand right now, so learning to bounce will give you a competitive edge.

Enroll in Bounce Lettering Basics now!
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Will I receive any physical products?

Nope! This course is 100% online, meaning you can access it instantly and get started right away.

How long will I have access to the products?

You will have access to all of these products for life -- including all updates!

What if I want a refund?

If the course turns out to not be the right fit for you, just email us at within 30 days and get your money back guaranteed.

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Nice to Meet You!

My name is Shelby, and I'm on a mission to help you embrace your wild creative side.

I've spent the past five years helping people grow their artistic skills like lettering, watercolor -- even creative planning! Over the years, I've taught thousands of students through my courses and reached millions more through my website and social media accounts.

I don't just want to help you grow your artistic skills. I want to help you embrace your passions as a part of your life, not just a little hobby that lives on the backburner. We all deserve to live lives full of vibrant color -- we just need a little reminder sometimes!


Create vibrant, dramatic, and playful lettering by adding bunches of bounce! This beginner-friendly lettering technique is trendy and popular for a range of projects, both personal and professional.

This quick, easy to learn course walks you through the essential design elements that make bounce lettering work. You'll learn the materials you need, the tricks behind the technique, the key to balance, and the recipe for extra drama in your lettering.

✔ 5 modules

✔ 20 minutes of video

✔ 2 letter-along projects

✔ 5 bounce printables

✔ Lifetime access to the class