Allow me to introduce you to our brand new art platform!

Foxsy is our recently launched online art learning platform designed to help you take the next step on your creative journey through an ever-growing library of on-demand courses.

Our classes are PACKED with:

✅ detailed lessons breaking every subject down to its core

✅ nuanced materials sections where I discuss all my recommended supplies

✅ step-by-step projects that you can create right alongside me to help you use your new skills on beautiful pieces of art

We've been working hard over here to produce top-tier creative courses on Foxsy so it's loaded with tons of content for you to explore.

And we'll keep adding new courses to Foxsy's library every single month -- guaranteed!

We're stoked to be able to bring this platform to you, and we wanted to reflect that with a special price just for you during this launch period.

For a limited time, you can lock in a membership for as little as $10 per month (which is a giant discount btw).

Get Foxsy

What does Foxsy have to offer?

A Foxsy Membership gives you access to:

  • 10 full-length courses
  • 105+ lessons & projects
  • 13+ hours of video
  • Q&A directly on the lesson page to ask specific questions and get answered by your instructor (aka me) and/or fellow students
  • Optional personalized project feedback from your instructor
  • And so much more!

Explore Some Of Foxsy's Courses

Paint The Page – Dive Into Watercolor Journaling With Confidence

Journaling can be an enormously rewarding experience regardless of the type of journaling you do. Whether you use your journal for planning, tracking, recording, or simply as a creative outlet, adding watercolor can kick your practice up to the next level.

Watercolors provide endless creative opportunities, but many are nervous to try them. In this course, I’ll lay out everything you need to take on watercolor journaling without fear.

Banners For Beginners: How To Create Beautiful Banners For Lettering

Add a touch of fancy to your lettering or journaling projects with these brilliant banners!

I’ll show you 11 different banner styles ranging from extremely simple to large and complex, each with a simple step-by-step lesson. Beyond that, I’ll share 13 fun ways to add interesting details to help you make your banner feel unique.

Finally, I’ll give you my secret to fitting lettering neatly into a banner before taking you through three full-color projects from beginning to end.

Watercolor Lettering: Learn To Blend Colors And Letter Boldly

By themselves, lettering and watercoloring are two very lovely art forms. But put them together and you have a dynamite combination that will create some truly stellar pieces.

In this class, I’ll be sharing how you can harness this skill to make some lovely lettering. You'll learn how to control water and pigment, how to blend colors smoothly, and two different lettering styles. Then we'll create three gorgeous lettering projects together!

By the time the course is over, you’ll have the skills to create a huge array of colors, forms, and styles that will leave you feeling like a lettering champ.

Watercolor Washes: 5 Essential Building Blocks For Watercolor Painting

This course is designed to walk you through everything you need to get started with watercolor washes. You’ll learn what a wash is, why it’s essential for watercolor painting, and where you will use washes in your practice.

Then we’ll dive into how to do each of the five different washes with step-by-step instructions. Once you’ve learned the techniques, you’ll get to apply those techniques with five projects that focus on each type of wash.

Foxsy is perfect for you if you...

Want to be more creative in 2022

If you're ready to make 2022 the year of creativity, then Foxsy will give you an ever-expanding pool of resources to keep your creative gears turning.

Want an art connection

Making art without feedback can make it hard to grow. With Foxsy, you can send in photos of your projects and get personalized feedback to celebrate your successes and nudge you in the right direction.

Want to invest in yourself

Taking creative classes isn't just good for your artistic skills. Giving yourself the gift of creativity can seriously impact you and make you feel more fulfilled in your life.


What Subjects are Available?

We currently have several courses on watercoloring, lettering, and creative journaling. As we grow our course library month by month, we will continue to expand the range of subjects as well.

Foxsy is going to add new courses to the library at least once a month — but our goal is to add more often than that to make sure you have access to a constantly growing pool of subjects and projects.

What if I Want to Cancel?

If you get a membership and decide that Foxsy just isn’t for you, then no worries!
We have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you end up canceling your membership after the 30 day period, we’ve made it super easy to cancel right from the dashboard. That means you’re in the driver’s seat and you don’t have to wait around for a member of our team to cancel it for you.

What Will I Have Access To?

Once you are a Foxsy member, you will have access to the entire library of courses, which currently includes 10 full-length courses with 105+ lessons and projects totaling over 13 hours of video.

You’ll also get access to a Q&A function to ask questions on lessons pages and receive answers, and the ability to submit projects for personalized feedback from instructors.

Super Early Adopter Pricing

Make 2022 the year of growth

For a short time, you can lock in your membership for as low as $10 a month (for context, the full price monthly membership is $18 / month).
That means that even as our prices go up, you will continue to pay whatever price you paid when you started as long as you don’t cancel your membership.