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  1. Love your posts! I’m considering thr Sennelier 12 tubes but notice your palette looks like it contains purple. Did you mix tubes to make it?

  2. Carole Randall-Styles says:

    Shelby, thank you for sharing your fantastic video. It is so refreshing to learn about the pros and cons of watercolour mediums. Now for me to knuckle down and do something from what I’ve learned from you!

    1. I’m so glad you found this post helpful, Carole! Now you should definitely go have some fun with paint 😉 You won’t regret it!

  3. Hi!! So I just got watercolor markers (to try them out) and does the kind of paper matter? I know there is a special kind of paper for watercolor but does it make a difference in the quality of the paint? Just wondering

    1. The paper does matter! If you try using a wet watercolor ink marker on, say, sketchbook paper, the ink will absorb into the paper immediately and look dull — not to mention you can’t blend at all without the paper ripping and buckling. If you want to try out watercolor markers, I’d suggest you grab a mixed media sketchbook from a brand like Canson. It’s a great option for wet media like watercolor because the paper is thick and designed for wet media in mind. Plus it’s not as expensive as watercolor paper, so you don’t feel so cautious about using it (at least in my experience). I hope that helps, Isabel!

  4. I have always wanted to learn how to do water colour. This is so wonderful. Thank you for making it look so easy

    1. The scariest part of watercolor is just before you begin! Once you jump in and get a feel for the process, you’ll see that it’s totally doable. I hope you have fun getting started!

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