Writing letters is great for you and wonderful to receive, so pick up your pen and make communication personal again!

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  1. For me, the physical act of writing, of pushing a pencil across the page, has an intangible value in itself. I’ve kept a hand-written journal for 40 years, and hand-written letters to family and friends are a plus to that. Writing by hand allow me to slow my thoughts and consider them more carefully, of course, but the feel of the mechanical pencil in my hand, of the muscle memory in my arm forming letters that form words that form sentences that form thoughts is a personal value in itself.

    1. Exactly! There are certainly benefits to writing digitally, as writing something is better than not writing at all, but there is something so tangible and grounding to using an actual pen on actual paper. It’s almost like meditation!

  2. Kathleen Hardage says:

    May I also suggest writing to someone who has meant a lot to you… a teacher from your past, a Sunday school teacher, the parent of your childhood friend who often had you at their dinner table, a scout leader … think how it would make their day to hear a “thank you” out of the clear blue sky!

    1. I have! I’ve written a few letters to teachers that were especially influential to me from high school and college. It was very fulfilling and I’d highly recommend it 🙂

  3. Shelby, thank you for this article. I was able to find penpals for my children in my husband’s family group on Facebook. I think cousins and extended family are a great source for penpals.

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      That’s such a great idea Nina! I love it.

  4. Great article, I’m all for snail mail, and making the effort to hand write letters.

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      I agree Alison! There is just something wonderful about it.

  5. Aishwarya Nair says:

    Thanks a lot for your help and suggestions ?. I’m from India and I would like to write you a letter, do I have to write the letter to this given address or do I have add anything else too?

    1. Hi there Aishwarya! You should be fine writing the address listed, though you can always add “United States of America” below the last line if you want. Thanks for asking!

  6. I think I need to find parchment paper….Let that freak flag fly. LOL You could also write letters to your kids. save them up in a keepsake box. Or perhaps begin with the email version (set up an account for your kiddo, send emails to it, and at a later date give them the address and password.) but I like the idea of writing letters better. Now if I could just remember to do it!

    1. That’s a fantastic idea! I hadn’t even thought of writing letters to your growing children. I’m gonna have to do that one day 😀 Thanks for that suggestion!

  7. So if we write you letters, will you write back? 😀

  8. I LOVE writing letters with my grandma, we both get so excited when we receive one, plus she always includes a new picture on each card. It’s so fun to write, and even make your own cards I wish more people wrote letters! If I had a PO box I would totally encourage people to write to me!

    1. My grandma used to be the card QUEEN. That woman made a handmade card specifically for each grandchild (we are an army of grandkids) for each holiday, even the minor ones. They were the best to receive because she put so much love and care into each one. Now she’s gone, so all those cards are cherished keepsakes. That’s one of the beauties of letters – they become a memory after the conversation is over. I’m so glad you appreciate this as much as I do!

  9. Good timing! I just read this after writing two short notes, a “thank you” and a “thinking of you”. Last week I started getting back in the habit of sending snail mail.

  10. My 7yo niece wrote me a letter today – I’m so excited to write back!

  11. Ugh, I love letter writing! 🙂 I used to have a few friends that I kept up with through letters. Not sure what happened there— prioritized other things, I guess. I should get back to that! It always brought me joy to write a letter and to get some mail that wasn’t from a phone company haha

    1. Isn’t it funny how exciting it is to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill? When I was a kid, I only got nice cards and letters from people – now my mail always demands money!

      1. I love, love, love writing letters and cards. During my college years, before cell phones and internet, that’s how we stayed in touch, and I’ve just kept it up. So many people appreciate a handmade card, but more so the personal touch that a handwritten note includes. I find it therapeutic for myself while also keeping in touch with friends and family. My latest creative blast is designing uniquely artistic envelopes. Thanks for validating one of my favorite activities!

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