Melting wax beads in spoon over tealight.

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  1. Thank you for this awesome post! I do have a question- how do you melt more than one color into your seal? I’ve seen many beautiful wax seals that have two or three colors and I’d love to try to get the same effect!

    1. It’s easy! You need the wax pellets to create this look. All you need to do is add different colored pellets (no more than about five pellets for a single seal) to your spoon, let them melt, and pour! If you want them more mixed together, you can use a toothpick to give them a swirl before pouring them. Then stamp it like normal and boom, mixed colors in your wax seal.

  2. Just wondering, I know that that the flexible wax says it’s good for mailing, but won’t the postal service refuse to process anything with wax seals?

    1. Where I am (Illinois, USA), they won’t refuse to process your envelope if it has a wax seal. They will, however, throw it in with the other envelopes where it will get run through sorting machines. These machines might not harm the wax seal, but they have the potential to damage or even rip off the wax seal, which is obviously not ideal.

      You can pay a little extra to have them hand-sorted, but this isn’t necessarily a guarantee. Once I paid for hand sorting and my party invitations got machine sorted anyway, resulting in several invitations never reaching their destination, looking super scuffed up, or arriving two months late. To say I was frustrated was an understatement!

      The very best way to ensure your wax seals will arrive in good condition would be to hand-deliver them if that’s an option. That’s what I did for some of the party invitations since I knew I would see a big group of my friends a few weeks before the event. Alternatively, you can protect your pretty wax seals and stationery by slipping them into the next size up envelope and paying for hand sorting. It’s definitely a bit extra, but if you’re going to the trouble of making gorgeous wax seals, you have to take a few extra steps to protect them!

      I think I need to add this information to this post because I learned much of it after the post was published. But it’s important to know how to send your wax sealed envelopes once you’ve put all that time and energy into them!

  3. If I may add a helpful tip?

    If you find your seal sticking to the wax when lifting after the wax is cooled or if little bits of wax are stuck in your seal, this may be an indication that you need to *wet* your seal before stamping it into the wax.

    A wet folded paper towel or wet sponge should do the trick. Just dab your seal onto the wet paper towel or sponge to get the metal damp, then stamp as usual. Or if you want a really interesting look, dab the seal into an ink stamping pad (metallic colors really pop!) before pressing the seal into the wax for a two-toned effect.

    I had a seal with ornate filigree that needed wetting before stamping and it got “clogged” with the wax. I figured out how to clean it out and avoid the problem.

    To remove the wax stuck in your seal, gently heating the seal (much like your tutorial on cleaning the melting spoon) should help remove the unwanted wax. Just be careful not to singe your fingers or have soot build up in the seal.

    A wood toothpick can help remove the wax from the stubborn nooks and crannies while the wax is still fluid. The toothpick is tiny enough to get into detailed areas and is soft enough not to damage the metal. Any scratch made to the metal will become a permanent feature of all seals made afterward.

    I hope this helps! I am so glad to see wax seals are making a comeback in the jouranling and crafting community. I love their antique look and mood. I can’t get enough of them. ^_^

    1. Ah, thank you so much for this incredible tip, Mary! I hope to see more people bringing this gorgeous craft back into the modern world!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful, informative post Shelby. I like how you share photos for every single step, very useful, thank you! 🙂

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