Planning a party can be made so much easier when you use the bullet journal. Put together a fantastic Christmas, Halloween, Birthday, or whatever kind of party with grace and ease using this technique! This would also be great for a movie marathon party or a watch party (can I hear Game of Thrones, anyone?). So break out the planner, you've got an awesome party to plan!

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  1. This was great! As much as I love Halloween, I’ve never hosted a party for it! That time of year always seems so hectic with my kids’ school schedules. Do it now before you have kids!! Lol. Have you ever seen Martha Stewart’s Halloween party ideas? She is over the top! You can usually get cool party supplies from her line, like drink labels and banners, etc. And I agree, that July isn’t too early to start planning! I’m even looking forward to decorating my journals for October! I have a bullet journal and an a5 planner.

    1. I’ll definitely need to check her out 🙂 I would lose my mind if I could go to a Martha Stewart hosted party, I imagine she would be the absolute BEST! And I’m glad you feel the same way about looking forward to October in the bullet journal. Some people think I’m crazy, but obviously they don’t understand how awesome it is!

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