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  1. Hello ! I’m excited and loved your article about types of pens to invest it Do you suggest any particular type of paper for practicing lettering with different pens ? Im am very new to Thai and can’t wits to get started !

    1. Hey Vidya! When it comes to paper, I would suggest a nice smooth sketchbook paper for a lot of simple practice. If you want something with a bit more guidance, Rhodia has some great dot grid pads and spiral notebooks that are perfect for lettering!

  2. All I have is broad line crayola markers. Will that do.

  3. noah enholm says:

    Amazing tips, thank you for share this with us!

    1. I recently purchased the Tombow Pen, very satisfied with it. I’ve been practicing my lettering all afternoon and while it’s challenging, these pens make it very enjoyable and I know show great promise. They brush pen writes so smoothly and the colors are vivid.

      1. Aren’t they a joy? I’m glad you’re having fun playing with your new pens and practicing your lettering!

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