Sealing wax pouring from spoon onto black envelope.

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  1. Using a heat gun to heat up the spoon prior to wiping it out is also an easy way to do this. I prefer this so I do not have to dangle a paper towel near an open flame.
    If using the heat gun method, be sure to control what part of the spoon you heat up. Many of the handles on some wax spoons are plastic and you don’t want to accidentally melt the handle. I usually hold the spoon in one hand and heat gun in the other pointed away from myself so I can hit the bottom of the spoon in the direction away from my body. If you have a heat gun with adjustable heat settings, a lower temp will melt the wax just fine and not heat up anything else in the vicinity that you are pointing it while melting wax in the spoon. This also makes it easier to pour and heat the spoon at the same time to get more of the wax out prior to wiping with cloth or paper towel.

    1. That is a great tip, thanks Amy! I’ve been using heat tools for years and this never occurred to me!

  2. Thank you! I recently purchased a wax seal kit and it didn’t give me any directions on how to clean the spoon.

    1. I also had to do some digging to figure out the best way to clean the spoon. You’d think it would be more public info for wax seal enthusiasts!

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