An overhead picture of a custom made schedule in a journal

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  1. I would love a printable of the one that says ” Always put your fears behind you and your dreams in front of you”! To put at my desk. Even right now I am putting off taking calls on a new work from home job and it’s because I get this fear on me that I am going to mess up. Once I get to the place that I absolutely have to then I do and it usually works out great! I’ve been a procrastinator my whole life and I would love to get the victory over it! Thank you so much for this post. I would be willing to buy a pdf printable of that saying. 😉

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      It really is a great quote! Thank you for the comment, I will let you know if we release a printable version of the quote.

  2. I’ll try to think about and practice these tips! I’m tired to procrastinate, I have so good (unfinished) ideas!

    The 3rd tip can be used to wake up early, for example.

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      Good luck Helen! I know you can overcome your procrastination if you put your mind to it! 🙂

  3. Use your fear really resonated with me! What a good way to look at it! Thanks for sharing these tips!

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:


      I’m so glad you liked the post, and I hope it helps!

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