The Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pens are one of the most versatile tools I've ever come across. It can be used with so many different materials and create a ton of unique and exciting effects. Learn some of the basic techniques in my water brush tutorial!

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  1. I wanna say forst off, THANK YOU for posting this! I’ve looked for ages for someone to add watercoloring to their bujo and make a tutorial about how to do it.

    I do wanna add a few things, as someone who is a beginner watercolor hobbyist:

    -if you use one of those big binder clips to hold your page down and stretch it out, and leave it while it dries, it helps with the wrinkling
    – cheap watercolor, I prefer Crayola, actually work better on non-watercolor paper such as in journals. I have some artist-grade watercolors that didn’t lay down pigment as well as Crayola, I believe because the color pigment in the artist-grade was heavier and the paper had no tooth, so it couldn’t “settle” into the page
    – I like to outline doodles, such as a tree, with my Stabilo fineliners, then color it in with watercolor. My Stabilo’s actually bleed when used under watercolor, but I think it gives a pretty neat outline effect when I doodle
    – quite a few watercolor tricks still work using them in journals, such as adding salt to wet watercolor, using cling wrap to get a cool pattern, using frisket to leave spaces white, or using a paper towel to get a cloud effect. You can find a lot of them on youtube
    – water WILL reactivate the paint! I’ve made a few messes when using my journal after I washed my hands and tried to journal
    – I found a Moleskine soft cover journal on sale at my local store and I use it for a “practice” journal since I’m too chicken to ruin my Leuchtturm. It’s handy to test a lot of different ideas, not just watercolor, but I do reccomend having a journal to “play in”

    I really wanna thank you again for the post! I hope my comment can add a little to it!

    1. Thank you for those extras! I had never thought of using a binder clip, but it sounds great! And I also love the idea of using traditional watercolor tricks like salt – I will definitely have to try that out and report back. Thanks, Candie! I love hearing that other people are having fun playing with watercolors and bullet journaling 🙂

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