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  1. I’m a fiber artist (knitting, spinning, weaving and all kinds of historic needlecrafts). One of my monthly pages is a list of the progress that I’d like to make on long term projects and a list of the short term projects that I want to complete in the upcoming month.

    I find that I skimp on the blocking/finishing/framing/documentation if I’m not careful. I seem to enjoy starting more than completing! Having those final steps written down means that I so focus on them enough to get things “finished finished” (as one of my favorite podcasters calls it).

    1. I totally understand what you mean! I’m a serial starter and a historically poor finisher. But you’re right, having them written down is a great way to keep yourself accountable and reach the end of the project. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Patricia M Fraser says:

    Hi. Do you use just one journal/ notebook for everything, or do you have several, each with its own purpose. I’m having trouble working that out.
    I have a couple of ‘bought’ leather hand made notebooks. I used one when I went to Dubai and UAE for a holiday and wrote a diary with little drawings, but there are pages left over.
    I have a ‘list of things’ notebook. Is this usual.
    I’ve kept a diary throughout all my married life, a page to week one.( We’ve been married 48 years. ). Stuff I wouldn’t want anyone to read. I also keep a food diary when we go on holiday. When we come home we have ‘de-briefings, using the food diary. It’s a great source of reminiscing and solves arguments about where we were and when, but I digress.
    I like the idea of ‘bullet ‘ journals. My household diary looks like a mess beside the nice clean ones I’ve seen in these posts.
    Help, am I the only untidy one.
    Ps, I live in Scotland.

    1. Hello to you in Scotland! That’s the only country I’ve ever visited outside of the USA, so it’s always a pleasure 🙂 I don’t use only one journal, though I’ve consolidated most of my random notebooks down to one using my bullet journal. I use my bullet journal for all of my planning and lists, which is immensely helpful, as I’m a serial list maker. I also have a Morning Pages journal, a nature journal, and a spiritual journal for prayers and the like. As a matter of fact, I got my leather-bound spiritual journal from a street vendor Edinburgh!

      If I have any odd thing that needs to be written down, I almost always put it in my bullet journal. This makes it easy to find, unlike my old system where I tried to have a journal for everything and I never remembered which notebook I wrote it in! But don’t worry if your household diary is a bit scattered as long as it works for you! I like the idea of a travelling food diary to note what was eaten and where. I wish I had that for my big trips so I could look back on specific meals now! I might have to borrow that idea when I go on vacation next. Thank you for commenting and sharing your experiences. I wish you the best of luck in your journaling adventures!

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