Page with gold "hello 2020" on desk with art supplies

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  1. Does any color or water bleed through to the back of your page? I love the look, but my colored pens bleed through….ugh!!

    1. They don’t bleed or ghost through at all! Nearly all of the pages you see in this setup has another full page of watercolor on the flip side. This journal is built for watercolor, so it’s got sturdy paper.

  2. I still don’t understand what the ‘babysteps’ are? I’m only 11 and I want to organise my life to help my anxiety but I don’t understand that one thing?!

    1. Hey Lea! When I talk about baby steps, I’m saying that I want to break down a big goal into the smallest crumbs possible so they are easier to take on. For example, if I were working on a presentation for class, I would walk backwards from the finished product. I would need a PowerPoint presentation filled with all the information. Then I think about all the elements that need to be done to get the final product. The baby steps for this project might be:

      – come up with presentation topic
      – outline the beginning, middle, and end
      – find important facts to highlight in presentation
      – research sources
      – write middle of presentation
      – write intro
      – write conclusion
      – create first draft of PowerPoint
      – find pictures or graphics for PowerPoint
      – polish presentation

      This way, I can think about my goal not as one big task that I need to take on (which can be super scary), but as small tasks that I can work on for half an hour at a time. This makes everything more approachable and helps me pace it out so I don’t accidentally leave it all to the last second — or not do it at all!

      I hope this helps explain what I meant a little bit better! Thanks for asking me to clarify, Lea ?

  3. Looking at the way you organized your habit tracker will help me, thanks!

  4. Physical journals still make sense. 🙂

  5. Pat Cottle says:

    I love the gratitude page and mind map. I need to set clear goals but with baby steps. I think putting them down on paper in an attractive way will help. I have depression and anxiety and often, well most of the time, lose my motivation, I have a feeling this would be a really positive way to help. Out of all the bujo pages I have looked at on Pinterest, yours are the ones I keep coming back too! I watch your videos on Instagram too. I think the main message you give is to find what works for you and be as creative and original as you can. I am into my third year of your emails etc and like you want this year to really succeed with it all! Thank you for your inspirational and REAL posts and emails.

  6. Christine says:

    Excited to try Master Plan each month!

  7. Wooow! What a great way to start 2020. I like the task manager ?

  8. Emily Crowder says:

    Your journal ideas are very inspiring. I’m planning to journal throughout 2020, and I am so excited. I am an artist and perfectionist who has trouble finishing the projects I start. I want to do this throughout the whole year. Will it turn out ok if I use a combination of bullet journaling, pictures, random drawings, and whatever I can think of? Just curious what you recommend for scatterbrained and super busy moms. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much, Emily! Yes, I would recommend that you go nuts adding whatever elements you want to your journal. Do whatever makes you excited to come back and use your journal day after day, whether that’s grocery lists, doodles, brainstorms, day-to-day planning, or whatever else you like. If you’re worried about it getting chaotic, just make sure to keep your index up to date and you should be golden! Here are a few index tips if you aren’t used to using one:

      Good luck and have fun with your journaling in 2020!

  9. Hi Shelby,
    All the layouts are great – my favourite one is the 20 for 20!
    Best Wishes

  10. What a lovely spread! Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am planning to start a bullet journal for the next year in earnest. I journal everyday but I was hesitant to start a true ‘bullet journal’ after seeing the lovely spreads some people have knowing that mine may never look that good. But I am ready to take the plunge and see what the new year brings. Happy Holidays and keep inspiring us with your creativity!

    1. You definitely should! It can be scary starting a bullet journal, but the great thing about the bullet journal is super flexible. Don’t worry about how other people’s bullet journal look, just focus on making yours work for you!

  11. Anne Miller says:

    I love your new out look for 2020. When I started threes ago using bullet journals to keep track of things always started and ended with the school year calendar. Since I have left teaching I started a new career of being a pet care professional. I will need to thing this trough how I want my new 2020 book to hold and things to grow from.

    1. Thank you. Good luck in the new career, and I hope your bullet journal is able to change to fit your needs!

      1. Anne Miller says:

        Thank you, and I love your use of water colors and stickers. I prefer to stencils or stampers since my skill with water colors is not as predominant. I do have wiski tape as well and want to explore being more creative.

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