Everyone who has fallen in love with the bullet journal has had to deal with the dreaded bullet journal slump at some point or another. You know, where you suddenly feel unmotivated and can't be bothered to pick up your journal? Ashlyn of Nittany Bujo talks about her recent bullet journal slump and how to pull yourself out of it when it hits you.

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  1. Good post!
    I guess this is why I like bullet journaling so much. It’s no big deal if you go for a few days/weeks/months without using it. You just flip to a new page and start from there.
    I always found too much “guilt” with normal diaries/planners because of this reason.
    I’ve also found “Accepting the Ugly” as a good step as well. Don’t bother making it pretty and stylish. Just accept that it’s not “pleasing to the eye” and move on.

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