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  1. SheIby, your message was spot on for me. I wanted to be an artist my entire Iife and never pursued it because I was convinced I didn’t have the “taIent”.

    To make a very Iong story short, I am now 73 and I stumbIed on to watercolors. I am in the process of making greeting cards to be (hopefuIIy) soId at a craft fair in October. Just so you know, when someone says “You are so taIented”, my immediate response is “No, I’m not!” I compIeteIy understand why that meant to be compIiment can be a downer.

    Thank you, SheIby,


    1. Better late than never, Ginny! I’m glad you could join the creative bandwagon and have fun with watercolors. I wish you the best selling your greeting cards!

  2. Oh my goodness! I am obsessed with this! I just watched your video and can’t believe you do these things without sketching first. So much talent and creativity! I have never done anything like this before – but now I am thinking I might try an underwater/medusae kind of setup, using your technique… It might be a little more forgiving 😀
    Thank you for sharing. I love everything about your blog.

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