Balancing stone complete after tutorial

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  1. Debi Wilbur says:

    This was a wonderful tutorial! Very beautiful painting. Your instructions for negative painting are very clearly stated and shown. I am very excited to try this new technique! Thank you for filming each step as it is VERY helpful to see just how you accomplished this very detailed painting.

  2. Linda Allen-Dedmond says:

    I have tried for months to figure this out. Thank You!!!! I didn’t know how or where to paint.
    Wow. L

    1. I had the same experience when I was trying to figure it out. It took me ages! I’m glad this helped you out 🙂

  3. This video was so helpful. Not only because it showed me better techniques for building depth within a watercolor, but your insight regarding imposter syndrome was so eye-opening. I see this is something I’ve struggled with in my own life. Thank you for sharing.

    1. It’s always helpful to know that others fight the same battles you do — it’s good to know you aren’t alone! I hope you’re able to fight back against your own impostor syndrome and realize that you have amazing things to share with the world.

  4. ANNE MCLAREN says:

    Your art is amazing, original and I have learnt a lot from you. Thank you, please keep showing us more of your works.

  5. Dorothea Tsoflias says:

    I absolutely loved the painting that you did….. Therefore to hear that you have held yourself back as an ‘imposter’ was something of a surprise…. I do hope you share more beautiful work and as an aspiring painter I will look out for your work.

    1. I think the impostor syndrome is very common for artists — especially aspiring artists! With social media, it’s easy to look at other artists you love and compare it to your own work, feeling like you aren’t good enough to be an “artist”. But of course, that’s all silly. We have to be willing to push past these fears and continue to make things in spite of our self-doubt. I hope you never let fear get in the way of your art, Dorothea! Always remember that you are good enough ❤️

  6. Hi Shelby. This is a wonderful post. You really broke down the steps for a novice like myself. I love the picture you used to explain with…the trees and stones really show how your patience paid off. I especially appreciate your willingness to share this in view of the pandemic. Art can be a saving grace in tough times. Keep up the good work!!

    1. Thank you so much, Diane! This is definitely one of the more patience-testing techniques, but it really pays off when you take the time to build up all these layers. I’m glad you found the tutorial helpful and I hope you give this technique a try soon!

  7. So very generous to offer such great detailed instruction in negative watercolor! I just recently discovered the method and want to learn as much as I can. Thank you! Are there any great book out there on the topic?

  8. Thank you for suggesting this tutorial, I definitely will be doing it soon!

  9. Cheryl Foraker says:

    I think this is very beautiful and I want to return to watercolor medium. Thank you for a great tutorial. Had to stop art classes in this quarantine situation and you fill the bill nicely

    1. I’m glad you found this helpful, Cheryl! It sucks that quarantine interrupted your art class, but hopefully you can continue to learn and experiment on your own so you’re ready to jump back into classes when things settle down. Have fun!

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