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  1. So I’m completely new to this, but I work full time, decided to undertake finishing my degree online, and have three kids whose schedules I also need to manage, and a future logger is definitely for me. Just to clarify-is it part of the Bullet Journal? Or is it its own entity?

    1. It’s a part of the bullet journal! If you want them to be easy to flip to, you can create a few pages near the front or back of your journal and just check it regularly for future plans.

  2. I’m loving your watercolours, I’m a big fan too though I haven’t had much time to paint the last ten years (children etc) but have this year just purchased all kinds of painting and drawing materials and signed up for a children’s book illustration course! yay me.

    I’ve just discovered digital bullet journals and spent the last week procrasticreating my own linked journal template. lol. I think it will work well for me as I was finding carrying my book around with everything else, a bit much.

    Thanks for the fun blog, I’ll drop in now that I’ve discovered you!

    1. I’m so excited for you to get back into watercolors!! That’s so amazing that you’re giving yourself that gift. I’m sure you’ll love it ❤️

      And you’re a fellow digital journaler? How cool! Making those templates can be a bear, but they are so worth it in the end. I hope you find the other resources on the site helpful. I’m so happy to have you here, Jaye!!

  3. Michelle Poston says:

    What brand journal did you use for the future log in #2? It looks like it’s wider than it is tall.

  4. Elaine Cook says:

    My future log is almost identical to this, but with 5 months ahead and the sixth box is titled “horizon” for anything that may need noted that is further ahead. I’ve used this system for my past three journals and it works really well for me as I only get around 3 months to a notebook.

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      That sounds like a great set up that works perfectly for you! Thanks for reading Elaine 🙂

  5. Janet Wright says:

    I am still new to this, and made up a Calendex, but it just doesn’t work for me… too abstract. I then painstakingly made up a twelve calendar pages, thinking that would work since I like to visualize things, but I soon found myself putting all kinds of stuff that belonged elsewhere (and was already there, lol. Compulsive documenter here…) so that didn’t work either. I got caught up in all the minutia.

    But I think I will steal your idea, but for six months at a time since I work November through April.

    I saw something similar (maybe Bohoberry?) Where she laid out a few months and then had a section for things on “the horizon”.

    1. Trial and error sucks, but it does help tremendously in figuring out the way your brain works! And it probably was Bohoberry 😆 she does have some awesome future planning methods.

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