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  1. My aunt bought me a Harry Potter 12 month planner, so of course I want to use it! Especially as I’ve always loved the idea of having a planner.

    I’m just worried about starting it, what to put in it, and how to keep myself motivated to keep using it and not forget.

    1. That sounds like a fantastic planner, so jealous! Those are all totally normal concerns starting your planner. First of all, don’t be shy about using it for tiny tasks. Sometimes I’ll write down things like “brush teeth” just so I can cross them off. Second, don’t worry about starting it a certain way! Chances are you’ll never see the first few pages again, so who cares if you change to a different style or system later? Focus on Done Not Perfect and you should be good. Lastly, I’d suggest looking into how you can create a habit marriage with your planner (see how here) to help you develop the habit to use it daily.

      I hope that helps, and good luck with your new planner!

  2. New year is just around the corner. Another year to celebrate and organize with a beautiful planner. Thanks for these ideas, Shelby!

    1. My head is spinning from how fast this year went. What a strange year indeed. Hopefully, we can prepare for a slightly less chaotic 2021!

  3. Great read… after some on/off starts I’ve managed to keep up with my bullet journal for just over six months. I’ve reached the natural end of my current notebook and was worried about the pressure of starting a new one for January but one thing I’ve learned from communities like this is there is no wrong way. I’ve tried out various daily/weekly/monthly spreads & it just works! So I plan to carry on the same way… no pressure to have all my pages set up for Jan 1st…but maybe a page of pages to do. Love the flexibility & creativity of it all!

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      You are so right Jo! I love the flexibility and creativity of it too.

  4. Hello –
    I’ve kept journals on and off throughout my life for various reasons. I recently came across LittleCoffeeFox through Pinterest. Since I plan on retiring at the end of 2018, I feel that this is time for a journal that will guide me to my retirement and then beyond. I appreciate all of the great ideas and advice I have seen so far. I feel that by checking in here from time to time will help me during this transition time.

    Thank you!

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      Thanks so much for reading Joyce! I think you will find journaling to be helpful as you make the transition in the coming year.

  5. Hi Shelby,
    Just a Thank You for all the wonderful ideas that you share with us.
    I am a farm wife/ homesteader living a really busy life. My hubby and I are both aging and my 37 year old daughter is a cancer patient, so life can get hectic! I have used a dry erase board for years and made multiple lists. But your Planner ideas have helped me keep it together, so much easier! Thank you, again!

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      Thanks for being here, Jeannie.

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