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  1. Vicki Asmus says:

    Hi Shelby! This is such a wonderful idea. I’m going to work on this today. There are are quite a few things I want to do and having a list is going to give me the push I need. It’s really funny, there are 2 new stores in our town I have never been in, a beautiful huge library I’ve never been in and have no idea what all they have to offer, I would love to go to brunch, farmers market, garage sales. I’m going make a list a check them off as I do them.
    Thank you so again,

    1. I have that exact same problem, Vicki! There are so many interesting things to do for cheap or free around me, but I always put it off. I want to finally start knocking those off my list and experiencing the joys of my town. Have fun checking those wonderful things off your list!

  2. A summer bucket list is an excellent idea. I will be making one right now. I also wanted to let you know that you inspired me to buy my first bullet journal. I wish mine were as fancy as yours when I write, but it’s not. Anyways, thanks for all the ideas. I love them.

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so glad to hear that. Don’t worry, if you stick with it and practice I have no doubt that your journal can be absolutely beautiful!

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