Top down photo showing all the finished watercolor washes from the tutorial on a desk.

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  1. I had a rather silly question: How does one choose the right colors for a background wash?

    1. That’s not silly at all, Sharmila! However, there isn’t really one good answer. I like to go off of what I’m trying to achieve with the whole piece. Do I want it to feel warm and bright or dark and moody? Do I want to have contrasting colors, muted earthy colors, or bright neon colors? A wash is an excellent base for the rest of your piece, so whatever color you choose will affect the rest of the painting.

      I’d say experiment with whatever colors you feel happy about. Try a medium to light wash first (not something super thick and opaque) in your favorite color. Then try different colors from there, either on a new piece or layered on top of the first wash. After you do it a few times, you’ll figure out what colors work well for your style and what colors didn’t quite gel for you. I hope that helps! Whatever you do, don’t worry too much about messing up. You have to try things you aren’t sure about to discover what you love best, so make a mess and have fun!

  2. wow
    I have been painting watercolor for 5 years
    each time I attempt wash it is totally different.
    feel so grateful to read your mini blog post.
    so informative.
    while participating in a challenge i read “wash”
    a little confused if my entry will be okay? i found this.
    love your written expression and presentation.
    keep it up.
    sending you a little love here with a grateful heart

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Reen! I love how washes never turn out the exact same twice. They’re always so unique!

  3. Ana Teixeira says:

    Olá! Falo de Portugal, gostei muito do seu post. Obrigada por partilhar os seus conhecimentos com o mundo! Bjinhos

  4. Judy Salone says:

    I loved this description.. very clear and encouraging. I was reading about how there are still lots of places that have minimal internet, or their networks are loaded and spotty right now… I am so impressed that you take the time to give use the typed instructions instead of just saying… Watch my video. Especially now when not everyone can do that. Great job.. Thank you!

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Judy! I hope you have fun creating some beautiful watercolor washes ?

  5. I enjoyed reading the watercolor article. Thank you.

  6. I enjoyed this post, looking forward to getting into watercolor!

  7. Wet flat wash and variegated wash techniques is new for me. Thanks for new techniques for watercolor washes.

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