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  1. Karina Hwang says:

    Do you have any tips for not getting the pages warped/crispy? I usually tape two pages together, but it bothers me whenever I write in my bujo because of the waves. Thank you so much! You have an awesome website!

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      The pages will warp some when you use watercolor. One option would be to journal in a watercolor notebook as the pages are the least likely to change from the watercolors. It’s something that unfortunately can’t be avoided 100% but I sure hope that doesn’t stop you Karina!

  2. Ok. I am journaling for about one and a half year and like your blog very much. Some things you do are totally up my alley, others I do totally different.

    I adore washi tapes and Post Its, but I am an absolut loser in the ways of drawing. My bullet is, after some bumps in the road, a x-17. For me its fabulous. 4 parts, adresses, short Calendar, many many Post Its and a place to journal. And all the essentials stay when I change the Journal; they have many different kinds of notebooks and formats. Its atypical, but perfect for me. Just like you said, my bullet journal is ME!

    I prefer the STABILO Felt-Pens… Up to 45 Colors and different tips, some even erasable. Marvellous.

    Thanks and have much fun!

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      That’s so great that you’ve found what works for you Antonia! That’s the beauty of bullet journaling, isn’t it? Enjoy!

  3. Allison Z says:

    This video doesn’t seem to want to load. It’s only running an ad on a loop. Help! 😉

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      Sorry to hear the video isn’t loading for you, Allison! I have just checked things on my end and it seems to be working properly. You may want to close out the webpage and come back to it. That may do the trick for you.

  4. Thank you, Shelby! I’ve been trying to add some watercolor touches to my bujo. I learned more from your great video than any other place. Very informative! I’m super excited to try each of these techniques!!

    1. Rock on, Tami! It’s always a bit nerve-wracking at first, but the reward is oh so worth it. I’m so glad you’re jumping in and giving it a try!

  5. At the end of your video, how do you leave white space protected from the watercolor bleeding into it, too? For instance, the day boxes for your monthly spread are still white. But the entire page behind the boxes are watercolored. How did you prevent bleeding? That effect looks really neat! Thank you for this awesome tutorial! You are right! Super easy techniques!

    1. The paper actually does a good job of not letting the watercolors wander. With my water brush pen, I have some sharp control over where the watercolor goes, and it typically just sits on top of the paper until it dries rather than sinking in and bleeding. I’m sure it depends wildly from journal to journal due to paper types, but it’s pretty easy to keep the white spaces clear of any bleeding. I hope that helps, Zoe!

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