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  1. Samantha M. says:

    Hey, I’m wondering about the awesome Celtic knot seals in your pictures. Where did you get them? Also, do you have a particular template or pattern for making the envelopes out of watercolor paper?
    Thanks for this post, I’m looking forward to sending at least a few letters this month.

    1. Thanks so much, Samantha! If you want to see how I make the watercolor envelopes, head to this post for full instructions ( As for the Celtic knots, I’m actually not using a proper set of wax seal stamps – I’m using leather stamps! I have them on hand for leatherworking, and they were the perfect size and shape for wax seals – so I figured why not? I bought them from Tandy leather, but I imagine you’ll probably have a better time finding real wax seal stamps with Celtic designs. Leatherworking supplies are expensive! I hope that helps! 🙂

  2. I love this and have been dying to by and use the gorgeous blank cards and stationery I see in little neighborhood shops around town. Coming up with names of people to write to is the easy part for me. When I sit down to write, however, my brain goes blank. I’m stuck on what to write. Do you have suggestions or resources to share for writing prompts specific to correspondence? Thanks!

    1. That’s a great question, Pam! I guess that depends a bit on who you are writing to. For friends, I’ve been asking about their latest goings-on and updating them on my recent shenanigans. For new pen pals, I’ve been giving a bit of a background and discussing hobbies or common interests, then asking loads of questions. For some, I haven’t been writing letters so much as I’ve just sent a short-messaged card. Pinterest helps a ton if I’m not sure what to write! I hope this helps a little bit, but I’m sure you can dig up some awesome conversation if you sit down with some good music and relax. Good luck, Pam, and thanks for reading!

  3. Small world. Champaign is my home town!

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