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  1. Shelly Jury says:

    I use the Tula XII Planner! It’s new, have you heard of it?

  2. Carrie Davis says:

    I use a planner for work that is provided by my employer, with hourly daily break downs as I schedule my clients myself. (We then are required yo put them into our software).
    I use one that Faithbpx produces for “life”.
    Digitally, I’m in love with Cozi, (gold version), we synced my husband’s outlook calendar from work, and I put applicable family stuff in. It sends reminders, and it synched lists too! So I can add things when he is at the grocery store and it. Is synced immediately.
    I have thought about building my own, but have been frustrated and now I think it is because separate planners just work best for me.
    Great article. Thank you.

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      I think its great that we have so many options and can find what works best for us as individuals! Thanks for reading Carrie.

  3. I like the idea of the 3 ring binder for permanent info and maintenance stuff etc. Moving that from journal to journal seems to be a pain.
    PS. LOVE your site Shelby:)

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      Thank you so much Con! Glad to have you here.

  4. I use a Leuchtturm1917 hardcover as a bullet journal/planner for both work and home. My tasks are entered each day together, but with color-coded squares to check off when they’re done: orange for work, green for home. It works well for me. I also use that journal for monthly and weekly calendars, daily journaling, and other on-the-fly notes and collections. I use a small three-ring binder for “permanent” information such as financial information, maintenance tasks, etc., so I don’t have to move that information to each successive journal. The rings allow me to move things around as I wish in that binder.

  5. I’ve been using a travellers notebook, lately. It’s been pretty good to me so far! I can archive long term collections and keep my book planning separate from everyday scribbles, but it’s all in one place!

  6. I have actually 4 Planners going at a time. One – Necessary Life Stuff, Two- Stuff of Interest, this one is just a nice size sketch book, when I am out and about I see stuff of interest, I can do a quick sketch of an art project idea, some info, website someone shares that I need to check out etc. Just at the moment stuff, Three – Projects/Trips etc/Classes all this information in one spot details etc. Four- My personal thoughts, whatever, that I use for my own Glodean Moments, comments, when quiet.

    It can seem like a lot but, it works for me to manage my life.

  7. I’d like to say I’m using 4 planners right now but I’m only utilizing one, and ignoring the others. I do use TickTick app quite a bit though as well. It’s hard to find that planner peace sometimes.

  8. I’m using quite a combo of planners at the moment, too. I’m glad I’m not the only one! I have one on my desk for daily tasks I need to reference, one that I use to track my daily routines in the AM and PM + my daily “wins,” and have started bullet journaling in another planner to keep track of all the other stuff that just doesn’t fit into a printed planner. I also converted my daily Moleskine planner to a reading tracker, since I’m doing a year-long read-along of Les Misérables, and wanted to keep track of interesting quotes from the book. Since we read one chapter a day, and there are exactly 365 chapters, this works out perfectly!

  9. I’m about to take the plunge to two planners which is something I did not want to do or think that I could keep up with. I did keep a basic wee pad near my computer for adding things later to the BUJO in case it wasn’t handy or track things that would get lost in the shuffle of a real BUJO. Here’s my reasoning to going to two actual planners. While I do not have a crazy busy life with kids an outside job and all that, I use my planner to schedule things, journal, keep personal collections, and track mental and physical health.

    That was great until my volunteering went into overdrive and I got involved with a ton of projects with the two foundations I work with. There is a ton of new info that I need to deal with plus, I really don’t want my personal stuff out there or getting in the way. For example, I don’t want a list of things to do for setting up a new Social Media campaign for our new non-profit’s store mixed in with my wellness tracking, the books that I’ve read this month, etc.

    I guess you’d call one a personal tracker/journal and the second one that I’m realizing I need to set up a business one. Since I still use Google Calendar as my first source/reference, I think I will be ok and not get things mixed up. There has been too much going on though on the other side to stick to one. We’ll see, the experiment will really start in March, crossing my fingers.


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