Photo of wood desk with plant, clock, coffee mug, planner, and phone.

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  1. sarah bucher says:

    hi shelby!

    first off, i think you should TOTALLY release a “little coffee fox” app. i think a lot of people would download/purchase it!

    secondly, i am new to bullet journaling. i do have a question. seeing that it’s my first time & being that it’s almost march- do i begin my calendar part w/ march? or should i start w/ january just to have it there? of course, it being after my “key” and intro, and whatever else i put before my calendar part in my bullet journal.

    thanks so much, shelby!
    -sarah 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! As for starting off your new bullet journal, don’t worry about adding past months (I mean, unless you really want to. You make the rules!). Just start with February if you want to start right away or March if you want a fresh start in the new month. The beauty of bullet journals is that you don’t have to follow any particular expected path. Just create what you think you’ll need or want to use and don’t create anything unnecessary!

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