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  1. I always used to be so against monetising sites with ads, but now I use getting enough traffic to make decent ad revenue as my goal whenever I start a new website.

    Until I do, I just concentrate on getting those pageviews, rather than spreading myself too thinly trying to make products. I also don’t use social media to promote – just SEO. That way, I know I’m creating useful content that people are actually looking for.

    In the beginning (like, 6 months to a year) it’s all about creating content.

    1. SEO is absolutely important, and we receive way more traffic from Google than from any other source. That being said, my years of blogging have taught me that it is not a good business model to put all of your eggs in one basket (SEO in this case), but rather it is best to diversify your traffic sources. By investing in social media early, you are able to insulate your business from negative algorithm updates.

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