zebra mildliner review

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  1. I just found the Zebra Mildliners at Target for those who don’t want to order online. $16.99 for a 15 pack

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      Isn’t it great they carry them Michelle?!

  2. Shelby. Thanks for the review! I have the 3 pack too and love them. The funny thing is I read people have said their’s are duel ended, i thought, mine aren’t. I read your review and it made me take mine out and see, and sure enough, duel tipped!! Hahaha

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      What a nice surprise, right Karyn!!

  3. Karen Murray says:

    Great review! I agree with everything you say and I love my highlighters. I actually like the fact that the bullet nib is slightly smaller because my handwriting is small and it glides perfectly over the top without needing to do two lines or taking up too much space

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      That’s a great point Karen and one I like too!

  4. Have you tried the stabilo pastel highlighters? The colours are gorgeous, they’re slightly more affordable and easier to find in a high street store. They also have a wider nib if that was something that you wanted.

    1. I haven’t had the chance to use them yet, but I’ll be sure to check them out when I get the chance! Thanks for the recommendation, Georgia!

  5. I like them but they do bleed in my old bible. They work fine in the planner though.

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      This is true Hilary, they do tend to bleed through really thin pages just like any highlighter would.

  6. BrendaLea Abbott says:

    Thanks for the great review. I like the neon colors of highlighters. But I do see where these could still be a great addition to my arsenal.

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      The neon colors are really fun aren’t they BrendaLea!

  7. I love these too and I also found mine at Target. The softer colors are what appealed to me. They don’t SCREAM like some others do. Thumbs up from me too!

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      I love the pastel options too, Cheri!

  8. Will these bleed-through the thin pages of a Bible?

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      They bleed as much as regular highlighters do Jeanette.

  9. Mildliner Fan says:

    I recently found these at Target! They had 15/16 colors in a pack for (I believe) $15

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      Yes! I love that you can just run into your local target and pick up a pack.

  10. I just bought these at Target last night. They are so pretty.

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      Aren’t they, Wendy?! I love that the shades and colors are different than a lot of the other sets of different pens that I have.

  11. Vocal Lauri says:

    I completely agree with all of the pros & cons. I am obsessed with my Zebra Mildliners as well. I use them daily, especially to fill in the squares of my daily habit trackers. So. Darn. Satisfying.

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      Seriously, though – SO satisfying Lauri!

  12. I found them at staples 🙂

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      Oh good to know another “local” store carries them too. Thanks Thalia!

  13. Kirk White says:

    I’ve found these at Michaels in all the colors you could shake a proverbial stick at and they (in MY Michaels anyway) were in the cool Pen Bins near the check outs so I was able to avoid the impulse control Waterloo that is the journaling section of Micheals! Although I did pick up Sour Patch Kids and Pez while in line…I’m only human…

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      I mean who can really resist, right Kirk?!

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