Setting goals is easy, but setting goals you can keep is a bit harder. How do you manage your tasks and balance everything long term? For me, I do it by creating a Master Plan! It's a simple tool to help break big projects and goals into smaller, more manageable pieces.

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  1. You make some very good points. I break all of my goals into mini goals and I use chore sheet to mark off the mini goals as I complete them. When I use the chore sheet I don’t feel overwhelmed and I’m more organized. Thank you for this post.

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      That is a great way to make progress and track it without feeling like there is just “too much” to do!

  2. Donna Noble says:

    This is just what I needed! Thanks.

  3. Awesome! I love it. August will have a master plan! ????

  4. Thank you! I totally need this… I’ve been having the same problem with monthly goals being migrated every month, and when I put them on the daily, they just didn’t get done because it was unrealistic to have such a big goal done in one day. Thanks for breaking down the organization and giving visual examples – always a huge help for me! I will definitely be using this in my next monthly set-up.

    1. I had the exact same problem, Joanna! It’s frustrating to continue to migrate a big task because you just can’t think of a time to get it all done at once. I’m hope this technique is the same relief to you as it was for me in terms of tackling those big goals!

  5. Jan Bailey says:

    Very professional and I loved your organizational skills. Thank-you so much!! Have a wonderful Life Journey!!!

      1. I really enjoyed this and I plan on implementing a master sheet in my next month’s spread.

  6. Thank you for sharing. I definitely need to work on breaking big goals down into manageable steps! Going to give this a go 🙂

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