A Pomodoro timer on a desk with an open notebook

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  1. Just getting started is the hardest for me. I usually “make” myself work for 15 minutes but can/will keep going if I want to. I have to take a very short break or I lose motivation.

    I need to “just do it.”

  2. Dear Lynn,
    I really needed this today. After a vacation with my BFF and only a three day work week last week, I was already into procastination mode. Read your email and then the blog post and realized it would work. Have had two 25 minute sessions which were very productive, made a task list to keep me on track and now have installed the pomodoro light app on my phone so I can continue this method at home. I’m going to try for a session tonight at home before dinner and one after which will really help to get rid of my moving boxes in my bedroom — before I’d come home and say well, tomorrow and tomorrow never comes. Thank YOU!

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