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  1. The look of the Tombow pens makes this writing utensil addict drool like a wolf over a fresh kill! LOL! I’ve always loved the look of “brush lettering,” be it learning to write in various Asian languages (Korean and Japanese would be my two picks!), or you just want awesome-looking lettering for journal spreads.

    And I’ve only just been truly introduced to Pilot’s FriXion line, which is apparently best used for the now-famous Rocketbook, which, to my mind, is the best investment for budding bullet-journalers like myself. Why? Because you can pay only $11.95 (at Target!) or up to $26 and some odd change at Amazon for a Rocketbook journal, but the pages can be used over and over again! If that’s not a true budget item (over time), I don’t know what is. It saves paper, you can scan your notes and send them to whichever cloud service you choose. I have yet to get one, but that will be my first purchase of 2019!

    1. Little Coffee Fox Team says:

      I’d love to hear what you end up thinking of the Rocketbook once you get one, Kat!

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