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  1. Hello, Shelby! I’m Ayla.
    First of all.. oh my gosh, I love your art work! It’s really beautiful! And I love the way you do everything in time and finish it. As I lovee art, i started following your tutorials and it came beautifully. Your bullet journaling for 2022, that was amazing too! Also, your hand lettering, I learned so much in that and water colouring too. I just wanna say, you have a great talent. Don’t give up. And thanks for sharing all these first of all.
    – Ayla.

  2. Hello Shelby! Firstly I want to say how beautiful your work is. Every time I see anything of yours, I love it, and your use of watercolour is fab. You’ve inspired me to start using it too, albeit an extremely cheap version!
    I just wanted to ask you for advice. I’m currently struggling with my mental health due to a personal tragedy in the past few months. I see you use a year in pixels, which is great for a quick overview, but do you have any other mental health spreads or general wellness spreads I could try? I’ve been feeling so depressed lately. Thank you x

    1. Hello Sophie! I’m terribly sorry that you’ve been going through a difficult time lately. I hope things begin to look up for you soon ❤️

      As for spreads, you might be interested in this article about health trackers. It shows a physical ailment as an example, but you can easily tweak it to be used for mental health.

      You might also enjoy this post about self-care ideas.

      And finally, it’s not a spread, but I think you might benefit from the Morning Pages exercise. I found this journaling practice to be extremely helpful when I was struggling with my mental health, so I imagine you might find it helpful as well.

      I hope these help you heal and push through the troubles you’re facing. Journaling and writing during tough times can be extremely helpful, but if you’re still struggling and it gets to be too much, remember that seeking help from a professional is always a good call. I’ve been seeing a therapist for years and it has helped me more than I can possibly say!

      Good luck Sophie, and be kind to yourself ❤️

  3. Hi! I’ve been struggling with a problem lately. Most of my paintings are made by following tutorials, so sometimes I feel like I’m not creative.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with following tutorials! That’s how you learn. That’s like saying you’re not an artist because you went to art school and had everything taught to you. If following tutorials is fun and helps you learn, then pursue it! What makes you creative is the willingness to try new things and grow your skills. Don’t worry too much about labels, they don’t mean anything at all. Just do what feels right, not what you think other people will approve of.

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