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  1. Jorge de Melo says:

    I got a myth not listed here:
    bullet journal is a female task.

  2. Hoshi Star says:

    Lately I’ve been doubting my bullet journal method but this made me realise its OK! The pages I horribly fail at get an inspirational quote 😂😂

  3. That’s the beauty of bullet journaling….it’s so flexible. You can have a minimal bare-bones layout or decorate it as much as you like with doodles, stickers, washi, and lettering. There are literally hundreds of page ideas and layouts to get inspiration and ideas from the BuJo community. Not only planning, one can even create a separate journal for work, school, hobbies, pets, etc.

  4. That was a really good post to read. It reminded me of all the silly ideas that pop into my head sometimes about bullet journaling.

  5. Doran Parker Napp says:

    I’m a writer and have adapted my bullet journal for what I do. It is wonderful way to keep myself creative and my thoughts organized for each of my works in progress. I love this article because it encourages individuality and making your bullet journal work for you. Thanks! Great blog!

  6. This post has such good advice! I have a medical issue that leaves me stuck on my couch 20 hours a day. I was attracted to the bullet journal idea because I love paper, pens, stationery and writing. But I didn’t really see how it would be useful to me. I have no schedule, no work, no social engagements to track.

    Was I wrong! I keep one journal I titled “Oh Happy Day”. In it, each evening, I write down the good things that have happened. Each entry starts with “cuddled with pets”! Sometimes I write about watching the birds play in my yard, a call from a friend, or a neighbor surprising me with some dinner. There are so many things every day. Knowing you have the “assignment” to fill in your journal puts your focus on the positive events.

    I also keep a journal I called “Done”. Sometimes, when you are ill and stuck at home, you feel useless and discouraged. So I write down all of the things I accomplish each day. They are small, routine tasks like laundry or washing dishes. But when I see them them written there, I know what a huge effort they represent for me.

    In between each day’s entry, I put quotes that encourage me.

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